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Young Adult

The Recruit

The Recruit  by   M.M. Cox

Catch an angel, earn a fortune. Get caught by one, and you may lose your life. In the high stakes game of hunting for the fallen, you must be quick or you will be dead. It’s an honor to be recruited for service...
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The Mark

The Mark  by   M.M. Cox

Thirty angel hunters—murdered. An ages-old prophecy set in motion. The son of an angel and human vows to rescue the fallen, no matter the cost to humankind. The city of Canyon, Texas, has become...
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The Condemned

The Condemned  by   M.M. Cox

The Great Messenger has fallen. Now Heaven and Hell will battle for his soul. And with the Nephilim traitor Hadrian assembling his army, time is running out. As Landon and Cassie come to terms with their hidden pasts, Elijah finds himself on the run, a wanted angel, and once again in love.
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Accidental Mobster

Accidental Mobster  by   M.M. Cox

When 15-year-old Danny Higgins goes to live with his wealthy godfather, he has no idea that he’s being taken in by a mob family. He loves his new home and extravagant lifestyle, especially when the girls can’t seem to get enough of him.
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Undercover Wiseguy

Undercover Wiseguy  by   M.M. Cox

Having survived his first brush of death with the Mafia, Danny Esposito’s life seems to be settling into a steady routine until a figure from his past sets him back on a collision course with the local mob.
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Covert Criminal

Covert Criminal  by   M.M. Cox

After the tragic death of a family member, Danny is convinced he must take down the mob once and for all. Danny finds himself facing off with his old nemesis, Tommy Gallo, as well as being used as bait by the mob to entice Danny's father to return to Newcastle.
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