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Vicious Circle Part 2

Vicious Circle Part 2  by   Lila Richards

Sent from Brisbane, Australia, to New Zealnd to track down possible murder victim Claire Lomax’s last known contact, Detective Sergeant Declan Kelly’s search leads him through the flesh-pots of Auckland's infamous Karangahape Road...
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The Tarot Murders

The Tarot Murders  by   Lila Richards

When a series of bizarre murders based on major trumps of the Tarot rocks the usually staid city of Christchurch, the panel members of radio show The Psychic Connection...
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Vicious Circle Part 1

Vicious Circle Part 1  by   Lila Richards

When a worried listener to The Psychic Connection, a radio programme dealing with the paranormal, calls about what sounds like a particularly nasty case of emotional blackmail by local Tarot reader and self-styled spiritual teacher, Bob Ferris...
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