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High Fantasy

Crystal Dreams

Crystal Dreams  by   Deborah McNemar

Crystal Lowden has a problem. Dreams of shadows have taken over her life, waking and sleeping. When therapy does no good, her doctor suggests a second opinion. The man she suggests, however, has other ideas.
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Faery Tail

Faery Tail  by   Deborah McNemar

Born a Sidhe princess, Star has done everything in her power to leave her heritage behind her. She's carved out a life for herself in the bustle of New York City, content with her books, her coffee and her few friends.
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Griffin Feathers

Griffin Feathers  by   Deborah McNemar

Damien Morrow has never fit anywhere. Not human and not quite Fae, he makes his life in New York as an artist, living on the edges of the human world and avoiding the Fae. He's content with his life until she breaks into his studio.
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Wilding Heart

Wilding Heart  by   Deborah McNemar

Melody’s dreams are filled with fairies but her nightmares are haunted by Arawn, the Horned King of Anwyn. While the life of a restaurant hostess leaves little time for fantasy or romance, her dreams are about to collide with reality with life-altering consequences.
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