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Conspiracy In The Mist

Conspiracy In The Mist  by   Julie Romero

Ireland, 1889- When Thomas Danaher loses his renowned wife, no one living in Dublin’s Montjoy Square can blame the man or his daughter Keira for being distraught. Isn’t it perfectly normal for him to be angry and blame God? But when their parish priest, Father Lonagon’s body is discovered mutilated in a graveyard, suspicion turn to Thomas.
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Sorciere  by   J.R. Erikson

It is October 31st, All Hallow's Eve, when the delicate threads of Abby's new life at the Coven of Ula begins to fray. Her great love, the human Sebastian, vanishes from the Witches' Ball at the Coven of Sorciere in Bordeaux, France.
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