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Seven Sisters Trilogy By David Bowman

All three books gathered together in one volume for a great price

All three novels in the trilogy brought together in a single volume for the very first time. A total of over 147,000 words for a single unbelievable price.
Seven Sisters
In an intact Ninth Century Roman Empire one man is given the chance to fight one more battle to bring an end to years of civil war. To win he must besiege the most highly fortified city in the empire. Fabled for its seven fortresses and ingenious water defences, it will be a very tough nut to crack. Aware that his devious emperor may sabotage him at any moment, he hasn’t got enough troops or enough time but he must win for the good of the empire. He must use all of his wiles, all of his cunning, and all of the new weapons now at his disposal whilst maintaining his army as a fighting force in case the barbarians attack. Only one can succeed but can he do it in time?
Two Brothers
Crastus had succeeded; he had captured the fabled Seven Sisters complex and finally brought an end to the civil wars that had plagued the Empire for years. Only to have peace seemingly snatched from his grasp by the assassination of the Emperor. With the succession not clear cut with two twin brothers claiming the throne, there seemed to be no possibility for peace. The power of the legions has held the ambitions of the two brothers in check for nearly two years, but it could not last forever. One brother has fled, the other will declare Crastus outlaw, and the Fifth Legion will not stand idly by. Now he must fight for the Seven Sisters once more, but this time on the defensive.
Crastus has fought to retake the Seven Sisters fortress complex for one Emperor of Rome only for that Emperor to die at the hands of a rebel, pitching Crastus into political turmoil. Having been forced into choosing one of the two rivals for the throne, Crastus then had to defend the Seven Sisters from the legions of the other rival. Sentenced to death by impaling for daring to do so, only the legions can save him. Forced to take the purple or suffer an excruciatingly painful death, the Emperor Crastus finds himself once more outside the walls of the Seven Sisters, with the gates closed and barred against him. Once more the legions must face their own in bloody siege. Only this time, for Crastus, it’s personal.

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147223 words
ISBN: 978-0-908325-08-5


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