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Double Feature: Riding The Hurricane / A Diamond In The Dust By Paulette Rae

Two full length novels for the price of one!

Two complete novels gathered here into a Double Feature totalling over 164,000 words for one great price.
Riding The Hurricane
Having led a sheltered life, Cassie finds herself alone in a strange city for the first time. Half way between a daughter on the verge of starting her own adult life, and a husband she cannot go back to, Cassie is torn between two worlds. Having decided she belongs to neither of these, she meets the colourful Louise and her son Nick, who quickly help her discover what she needs to make a new life for herself in Christchurch. As Cassie finds her feet she faces the challenges of a past that will not leave her alone, and a young man who wants more from her than she is willing to give.
A Diamond In The Dust
Jacob Donelly Princeton is a tyrant. Double crossed by his right hand man, he sets out to even the score. Instead he finds Adrienne, Trapper's beautiful yet not so loyal bride. Sent back to Earth for her fertility Adrienne is far away from everything she knows. Trying to build a life for herself and the small community of people around her she has big dreams for a future without Trapper. When she is taken by a man hellbent on revenge, Adrienne is terrified, but slowly she realises that maybe the man they call Jaydee could do more for her cause than he realises. Her greatest fear now is for the unborn child she has just discovered she is carrying.

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164421 words
ISBN: 978-0-908325-07-8


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