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Styx And Stones By Deborah McNemar

Walt must bring his enemy out of the shadows. Will Serena ever forgive him for using her?

Pantheon is fighting a silent war. The enemy is building a cyborg army, striking only to vanish back into the shadows. Walter Bellinger knows that time is running out before they strike hard and Pantheon goes under for good. To keep his grandfather's legacy alive, he turns his sights on Serena Wulf, a woman who may hold the answers he needs. Serena has lived her life in a bubble, pampered and protected, but longing to be free. In Walter, she sees a kindred spirit, a fellow coder who understands her in a way no one ever has. But when her world falls apart around her, she discovers that the man she had pinned her dreams on has been using her for information. Open war is coming and if Pantheon falls, chaos will tear the world apart. Walter has to win back the trust he's broken or the future is going to hell—fast.

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Will be published on 06-August-2015

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