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Welcome to Bluewood Publishing

Bluewood Publishing Ltd was formed in mid 2009 by two authors, New Zealander, Paulette Rae, and David Bowman from England. Ms. Rae and Mr. Bowman aim to provide a secure, comfortable and professional environment for Bluewood authors.

We are committed to finding and publishing talented, inspired and motivated authors. Our focus is high quality writing with a strong genre target and creative twist. We strive for quick, efficient turnaround time from contract to release.

Providing that a manuscript meets our submission quality and content criteria, we edit, design a cover, and publish it on the major e-book retail sites. We are also interested in manuscripts of a printable length which we will consider for print, both mass-market paperback and where appropriate, hardback. We naturally require all Bluewood authors to actively market and promote their book(s), and we go the extra mile to help them become successful sellers.

Bluewood Publishing is an international full royalty paying publisher.

New And Recent Releases

Dancing Upstairs
Dancing Upstairs

Barbara Phipps

Since leaving The Thelfalls over a year ago, Susan has been in Provence at the home of the Fourniers. Her peaceful idyll is disturbed when Jimmy Hanson brings news of her family in Ireland. Determined to put the past behind her, she travels to Kilmain with Chaz and Jimmy...... read more.

The Missions Bloom
The Missions Bloom

Dale Day

Timothy Beadle and Jaime the Carpenter have taken up the torch of Father Serra's dream to create centers of learning and industry for the natives of California to have a better way of life.... read more.

The Recruit
The Recruit

M.M. Cox

Catch an angel, earn a fortune. Get caught by one, and you may lose your life. In the high stakes game of hunting for the fallen, you must be quick or you will be dead. It’s an honor to be recruited for service...... read more.

Author Spotlight


April 2014

Following a review in the monthly Caravan Club magazine, Barbara Phipps' book Never Ask Why storms up the Amazon UK charts.

1st January 2014

Bluewood Steamy announce their new look web site.